Sunday, 6 December 2015

Five from the fifth.

Good evening. 

Time for another blog post. 
Few things going on this week so hopefully by the end of next week we'll be getting somewhere.  

I have finished work on a combat squad,  not entirely happy with the process I used. It was long winded and didn't yield the results I was after. 
However it's a unit done so I'll take it at this point. 

So these make up half of the 5th, 2nd company.  

The pin washes with the oils I used didn't stand out well. Something to work on. 

Another factor was hand painting the chapter icon. 

This team has a flamer and eventually a missile launcher as well. 

It's not a bad start but I feel I can do loads better.  

However they fit in with the dreadnought from last week real nice. 

In other news, some veterans have dropped by. An assault squad of terminators is going to be handy. And another dreadnought to add to the fold. I hope to have three available by January.

I have made a start on some tanks too. Here's the first two with the rust layers. 

I took the Rhino a little further today

Got the blue and Whites down and I think this will be finished sooner than later. 

The free hand on this, although not amazing,  is a vast improvement. 

So to finish off, I have a few things to get done this week. And hopefully both tanks will be completed.  
I do however have some other projects on the table so I need to plan my time carefully.  

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